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AIESEC presents "Global Village: Festive Feast"

A festival (stands from different countries/cultures/holidays/student associations) with traditional cuisine, customs and flourishing culture exchange. Our classic event - 'Global Village' celebrates diversity and fosters intercultural exchange. Would you like to represent your culture?


Event Details

Date: December 6th 📅
Time: 18:30 ⌚
Location: Room A21, Red Building 🏰

Price: 5 Swiss Francs 💸
Includes: Entry to Global Village and unlimited access to a variety of delectable international cuisines.
Immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere, savoring diverse flavors 🎟️🌮🌎

Represent culture

Movie Night "Little Women", afterparty at Bar OOPS

The registration for our Winter Movie Night on the 1st of December is still open! Would you like to spend the evening with your friends while enjoying a great movie with a side of delicious pizza, popcorn and a drink? Do not forget to register now!