ARC - Public Events

Public lectures and encounters at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio are organized with a twofold purpose. The first, in keeping with tradition, is to ensure the school is a place for discussion and debate on the themes of contemporary culture, nurturing the academic community through a continuous exchange with the territory, in the most extensive and interdisciplinary way possible, reminding us of the extensive web of relations that we create when, as architects, we design and build. The second is to foster encounters and dialogues with figures from different cultural backgrounds, which provide enriching intellectual and human experiences. This series of lectures will be supported by the encounters promoted by the Theatre of Architecture, the Institute for the History and Theory of Art and Architecture, the Library, the design studios, the student association and the USI’s other faculties.

Title Date
Landscape_Structures_Conzett 09/04/2019
BarryBergdoll_aprile 03/04/2019
AntonGarciaAbril 26/03/2019
BarryBergdoll_Lugano 07/03/2019
Flavio_Manzoni 19/02/2019