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Domain Analysis & Description - Principles, Techniques and Modelling Languages


Host: Prof. Mauro Pezzè




USI Lugano Campus, room A-33, Red building

Dine Bjorner
We argue that domain science and engineering precedes requirements engineering, and we outline a method for analysing and describing domains. The results appears to have relations to knowledge engineering and philosophy. We argue, in closing, that departments of informatics may have to seriously reconsider their research and course agendas.

Dines Bjorner developed his career at the IBM Labs, the Technical University of Denmark and The UN University International Institute for Software Technology. He worked on the design of the IBM 1070 and the IBM 1800 systems, with John W. Backus on reduction languages and with E.F. ('Ted') Codd on relational database theory, with Peter Lucas, Hans Bekivc and Cliff B. Jones on creating VDM (the Vienna Development Method): The semantics of PL/I.
Dines has been visiting professor at UC Berkeley, guest professor at Copenhagen University, professor at The Technical University of Denmark, visiting professor at University of Kiel, Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Dansk Datamatik Center, Chairman of Danish Govt. Council on Informatics, UN Director of the The UN University International Institute for Software Technology, Co-founder with Cliff Jones of VDM Europe, since 1981, FME, Formal Methods Europe.
Dines Bjorner is Knight of the Danish Flag, Member of Academia Europaea, Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (AB), Fellow of ACM, Fellow of IEEE, Member of Danish Acad. for Techn. Sciences. The John von Neumann Medal (Hungary), The Masaryk Gold Medal (Czech Republic), Dr. Honoris Causae (Masaryk Univ., Brno, CZ).