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Drawing on Surfaces


Host: Prof. Kai Hormann




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Enrico Puppo
University of Genova, Italy
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Enrico Puppo, University of Genova, Italy

Interactive systems to create vector graphics in 2D are consolidated at industrial level. When it comes to create vector graphics on surfaces, e.g., describing 3D objects, many problems arise, which are due to the underlying geodesic metrics. Graphical primitives in the manifold setting do not admit a definition in closed form, and they are often are hard to define and control. Traditional approaches based on parametrization and mapping are unwieldy and imprecise because of seams and distortion.
We present an approach to vector graphics on surfaces, which works directly in the geodesic metrics, and can support user interaction on geometric meshes consisting of millions of triangles. To this aim, we rely on efficient tools to support shortest geodesic paths, distance fields, and other geodesic computations. After discussing the implications of porting basic 2D geometric primitives to the manifold settings, we will focus on our recent results about supporting tangle patterns and Bezier splines.

Enrico Puppo is a professor of computer science at the Department of Informatics, Bioengineering, Robotics and System Engineering of the University of Genova, where he has been head of the department from November 2014 to October 2020. Enrico Puppo has written over 120 scientific publications on the subjects of algorithms and data structures for spatial data handling, geometric modeling, computational geometry, and image processing. His current research interests are in geometric modeling, geometric algorithms and data structures, and shape analysis, with applications to computer graphics, Geographical Information Systems, and scientific visualization. Enrico Puppo has been the leader of research units in several international and national scientific projects.