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Abusing GitLab CI/CD to build a data engineering pipeline


Chair: Nargiz Humbatova




USI Campus Est, room D1.13, sector D // Online on Microsoft Teams
16:30 - 17:30

Francesco Bresciani
Software Engineer at Codelounge
Often data engineering projects start as a collection of small individual projects. Over time these projects grow in number and complexity, and the processing pipeline becomes a serious affair. With the number and complexity of the projects, the intricacy of the infrastructure increases as well. In this talk I’ll show an unconventional approach to manage the execution of such pipeline that leverages CI/CD technologies. This approach ensures the correct execution and the validation of a data pipeline we at CodeLounge built to collect and process more than 4 millions entries from the Swiss Registry of Commerce.

Francesco is a Software Engineer at CodeLounge, the center for software research & development, part of the Software Institute – USI, Lugano. He received his BSc degree in Computer Science Engineering in 2019 from SUPSI, Lugano. Before joining CodeLounge in 2021, Francesco worked for two different startups, where he contributed to the development of the frontend for two web applications at different stages of maturity in the fields of marketing and trading of raw materials respectively. At CodeLounge, his responsibilities encompass a broader spectrum of tasks, including also data engineering, data analysis, and visual analytics.

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